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Gaz barbecues Beefeater



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Go-Anywhere® Gas

Product no.: 1 1141056

Sucks big time!

I had an older model for maybe 15 years or more. Worked like a champ every time. This new model worked the first few times I used it, then began messing with me. Had to fuss with it to get it to light, then it goes out. I used small gas cans, can catch a slight smell of gas, see the piezo spark, but no light off, even with a match. Mixture isn't right.

During the summer I'd be on this thing 2-3 times per week under normal circumstances.

Read a lot of complaints about late model, less than 5 years old, regulators, and believe that is the issue here.

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Xpert 100 L BBQ

Product no.: 3000004820

This stylish and practical barbecue is a great value option for novice grilling enthusiasts. Backed by all of our burner expertise, the Xpert 100 L+ features a range of carefully thought through features for reliable performance. 
Two durable steel burners offer reliable and consistent heat which can be easily adjusted for perfectly cooked food every time. The barbecue’s large cooking surface provides plenty of room to cook for all the family and lighting the burners is easy thanks to the Xpert’s handy Piezo ignition
An integrated thermometer makes it easy to keep an eye on the temperature and the barbecue also features a rotisserie function and an integrated warming rack for greater cooking versatility. 
The Xpert 100 L has two durable side tables with utensil hooks, ideal for plating up or keeping items close to hand. The wheeled trolley is easy to move around and also accommodates the gas cylinder keeping it out of sight to ensure the barbecue looks neat and tidy in your garden.
164.65 € / unit(s) *

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Spirit II E-210 GBS

Product no.: 44010149

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New 8830

Product no.: 8830

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Product no.: 205702

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