Special Sausage "Painho"

Special Sausage "Painho"


Sausage prepared from the seasoning of meat, pork shoulder, with ground pepper, wine, salt, spices and preservatives. It is cylindrical and reddish brown, and its interior has a rosy red aspect. Its length varies between 15 and 20 cm diameter and approximately 70 mm, and its weight is from 550 to 600 grs.

Treatment : Heat and smoke from holmoak

Packaging: Vacuum

Storage: Keep it in a cool and dry place

Validity: 120 days

Suggestions: Sausage prepared aiming at the most exquisite tastes of people who can enjoy this raw product into thin slices.

Additional product information

Wrapping Protective Atmosphere
Unit Ref. Weight 125 grs
Unit(s) per Box 12
Sales Unit

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